Teaching Shooting

The Ultimate “How To” Instruction For Teaching Shooting
Coaching Youth Basketball



By Coach Ronn Wyckoff

Youth basketball coaches, are you looking for the ultimate “how to” instruction for teaching shooting?

Players, are you looking for help with your


In this E-book, Coach Ronn presents this difficult teaching subject by breaking it down in such a way as to make it understandable and simple. He covers every detail from placement of the feet right up to why the ball may not be going into the basket. Nothing is left to be guessed at about teaching or learning how to shoot.

You'll Learn...

  • How to place the feet correctly;
  • How to have the right body posture;
  • How to hold the ball correctly-what the role of the off hand is;
  • Specific drills for shot delivery;
  • How to teach a brand new player how to shoot;
  • An easy way to teach how to shoot a layup;
  • How to teach the jump shot, set shot, free throw, 3-point shot;
    A "special technique" for correcting shooting form that results in missed shots;
  • And Much More.

Through the use of pictures and diagrams, everything Coach Ronn writes about is fully illustrated for the reader. Don' t miss the “special technique” Coach Ronn shares with readers for being able to critique and adjust the shooter’s form, from pre-release through release of the ball, and what happens when the ball reaches the basket. If the shot didn’t drop right in, with his “special technique”, he shows you why it didn’t go in and how to correct it so the shot goes into the ring.

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