Teaching Position Specific Skills

Coaching Youth Basketball






Specific Skills

By Coach Ronn Wyckoff


After you've taught the basics…

Balance and Movement;
Moving Without the Ball;
Moving With the Ball;
How to Play Defense…

What Comes Next?

You teach: Position Specific Skills!!

In Teaching Position Specific Skills, you'll learn how to teach…

  • Offensive attacking and finishing at the basket;
  • Defensive specifics to the player position—positioning, over play/denial;
  • Specifics common to both inside and perimeter positions—shot-blocking, cuts, flashing the post, and moving with the ball;
  • Getting the right attitude for success;
  • All the position skill work necessary to take your players to a higher level of play.

Coach Ronn brings you all the detailed teaching methods to be able to bring out the best for each player, in whatever position they play. You get specific and highly detailed instructions for both inside play (post/power forward) and perimeter play (guard/wing).

First, Coach Ronn leads you through step-by-step, purposeful and powerful movement for inside play that makes defending extremely difficult. The instruction enables your post player to get the ball, make power moves to score or get strong rebounding position. Then, he will show you, in the same kind of detail, how to defend inside against whatever moves an offensive player makes.

The same process is repeated for perimeter play—offensive maneuvering to get free and to make the drive, the shot or get the rebound, followed by all the details to be able to put the defensive stop on every kind of penetration, flash or slash the offense can throw at you.

Accompanying the text are photos of players enacting the offensive and defensive moves, along with dozens of diagrams depicting every move Coach Ronn is teaching. (Many of the diagrams could be used as stand alone "set plays", if desired!)

"Success is in the details!"

Now you've got completion! This book wraps up all the other books by Coach Ronn that taught all the basic skills listed above.

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