Teaching Moves With The Ball

Coaching Youth Basketball

Teaching Moves

With The Ball

By Coach Ronn Wyckoff

This e-book is Chapter 12, taken from the original text of “Basketball On A Triangle: A Higher Level of Coaching and Playing”. It mirrors Chapter 8 in the DVD by the same name as the book.

You’ve Got The Ball!

What Will You Do With It?

When a player has made the effort to get open to receive a pass, or has pulled in an offensive rebound, they now have to look to pass, shoot or attack the basket. This E-Book is about attacking the basket after getting a pass or long rebound.

Teaching Moves With The Ball, is all about what to do and how to do it, once you’ve finally gotten your time to shine with the ball.

  • Will you be on balance, ready to pass, shoot or attack the basket?
  • Will you dribble too soon or at the wrong time?
  • Will you have your back to the basket instead of facing in toward the basket and the other 9 players?
  • Will you know how to attack you defender?
  • Will you know what to look for before you decide to attack your defender?

Coaches—here, in this E-Book, you have the answers to those questions and others and how to teach the action to your players. You get the moves, the drills and the options needed to instill confidence in your players to be ready and able to:

  1. Shoot if the shot is there;
  2. Pass if another player is open; and
  3. Attack the basket if the opportunity appears.

Here’s some of what you’ll get in Teaching Moves With The Ball:

    • You’ll get the mistakes to look out for that young players are apt to make and I give you the teaching hints on how to correct them.
    • You’ll learn how to place the feet so the defender is isolated while the dribbler makes his or her move.
    • You’ll learn a variety of moves to set up the defender and then how to blow by them for the score!

Whether you are in a pick-up game playing in the driveway, or at the
playground, or you’re playing on a team, what is covered in this book, when
combined with the lessons in the E-Book for Chapter 11,
Teaching Movement Without The Bal
l, is how the game is played.

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