Coaching Youth Basketball: Teaching Individual Defense


By Coach Ronn Wyckoff



“More than anything else, playing inspired defense

is a matter of will.”

Phil Jackson

Coach Ronn’s Defensive Truths

· We have to get the ball in order to play with the ball! Defense gets the ball! Period!

· In a thirty-two minute game, if both teams are equal, defense is fifty-per cent of the game.

· Defense is too important to just hope that players will get it. The coaches must teach it.

· So many times coaches don’t really believe in defense, relying rather on their offensive teaching skills.

· Or, perhaps coaches just don’t understand how to teach defense.

Once a coach knows how, it can then be taught easily enough, then drilled to perfection the same way we develop offenses—over and over and over, until it becomes UNCONSCIOUS COMPETENCE!

Coaches, even if you believe in using zone defense, do not expect your team to play good team zone defense if the individual players cannot execute good, basic man principles.

In my more than forty years of coaching, I have come to the following

realizations about defense:

1. There is often a lot of generalization rather than specific teaching being done;

2. Many coaches believe zone defense is easier to teach than man defense;

3. Defensive skills are easier to teach than offensive skills;

4. Creating a good defensive player is infinitely easier than creating a good offensive player;

5. A team can play good defense and win even when the offense is having an off game;

6. Defense has always created most of my offense.

Let me help you become an outstanding defensive teaching-coach. Good defense begins by teaching a stance that gets the player low, on balance, under control, and able to move quickly and efficiently.

From this 43 page e-book, combining text, diagrams and pictures, I’ll teach you how to teach stance easily and effectively. Then we’ll cover every aspect of teaching the individual, in each position…

§ how to move;

§ how to defend the player with the ball in different areas of the floor;

§ how to defend players off the ball; and

§ how to begin to put together the team aspect of playing “Triangle Defense”.

Don’t miss out on being able to teach half the game!!

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