Teaching Basketball Passing


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Coaching Youth Basketball

Teaching Passing

By Coach Ronn Wyckoff

Teaching-coaches need to spend the necessary time to teach and drill how to pass a basketball. Right from the beginning, youth basketball players need to learn how to pass correctly. Teaching proper passing fundamentals will enable your players to experience less frustration, and be able to grow faster in the game.

From the beginning levels of basketball right up into the pros, what rankles coaches most are turnovers. These usually come as a result of a poorly thrown or poorly timed pass.

How do you teach passing, especially if your own skills in the game may be limited?

Coach Ronn takes you through the basics, step-by-step, with lots of details in text, pictures and diagrams. He’ll show you what passes to teach and the things to watch for and correct with beginners,starting with:

The four basic passes

  1. Chest Pass
  2. Bounce Pass
  3. Overhead Pass
  4. Baseball Pass

A good passer is made by being taught and drilled.

Let Coach Ronn help you be the teaching-coach that gets the job done!

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