Teaching Basketball Dribbling


The problem with being overly fancy is it requires too much time for a player to fully strut their stuff. This can spell disaster at the lower levels of the game. It invites over-dribbling and ball handling errors, and it causes a player to be selfish rather than selfless.

Coaching Youth Basketball



By Coach Ronn Wyckoff

Learn how to teach the right amount of tactical dribbling for the offense to flow!

Teaching-coaches need to be able to teach containment, channeling the right kind and amount of tactical dribbling into the flow of the offense. It all needs to be controlled and used at the appropriate time, keeping the good of the team ahead of the selfish will of the dribbler.

These days, it seems every young basketball player wants to be a fancy dribbler. All the jukes, fakes, between the legs and behind the back dribbling are exciting for the players, and appeal to their egos. Young players are exposed to these techniques from every level, from street play to the NBA, and by the dribbling antics of their peers.

I'll teach you:

...How to teach the beginner, so they get it right from the start;

..How I counsel players as to what I expect with their ball handling skills within their position and within the context of what the offense is trying to establish;

..How teaching-coaches can direct discipline so the coach, not players, dictates the style of play.

Let Coach Ronn help you be the teaching-coach that gets the job done!

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