Teaching Balance And Control


Coaching Youth Basketball


By Coach Ronn Wyckoff

Here are the absolute


combination of skills that teach balance and control.

During my 50 + years of playing and coaching basketball, I have noted that all great athletes share the common denominator of good body balance and body control.

Every active part of the game requires a player to have good balance and body control.

I wanted to bring this same control to less gifted players so they could compete with the better athletes--I wanted to give average players the "superstar" basketball skills that could make them equal to or even take them above the rest of their competition.

I found that these skills could be taught!

So, I start with the most basic fundamental--the stance--and progress through building blocks. Each new move, skill, drill builds on what was learned before, with each succeeding drill being more advanced than the preceeding ones.

I teach you how to teach and drill each part separately to perfection, then how to put the parts together in my balance and control sequence drill.

I'm going to give you these insider moves -- the tips that will INSTANTLY create players who can compete -- that I ONLY ever teach at my one-on-one private coaching sessions.

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