Teaching Movement Without The Ball: "Homework"

Coaching Youth Basketball

Teaching Movement

Without The Ball


By Coach Ronn Wyckoff

This e-book is Chapter 11, taken from the original text of “Basketball On A Triangle: A Higher Level of Coaching and Playing”. It mirrors Chapter 7 in the DVD by the same name as the book.

If everyone handled the ball equally, players would spend about 80% of their time on offense without the ball. What do they do to be active, productive and be able to share in having their time with the ball?

In this E-Book, all of the crucial concepts for game action requiring moving without the ball will be covered. The author refers to as this as doing your “homework”. Here’s what will be covered:

· Getting open to receive a pass;

· Receiving the pass and protecting the ball;

· What the player who has just made the pass does next.

A player finds oneself in one of three situations during a game, in regards the ball: 1) Without the ball, 2) With the ball, or 3) Defending the ball.

In this E-Book, we’re dealing with #1 above. While one player on offense has the ball, we’re focused right now on the other four players. Are they moving purposefully in order to enhance the team play and get the score? The players
without the ball must be moving in order to get the ball, moving to help a teammate get the ball, or moving to help the player with the ball get free from their defender

Whether you are in a pick-up game playing in the driveway or at the playground, or you’re playing on a team, what is covered in this book, when combined with the individual moves covered in the next E-Book (Chapter 12), is how the game is played.

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