Basketball Coaching--Station Drills

Coaching Basketball


By Coach Ronn Wyckoff

Copyright 2006 Ronn Wyckoff

When Time Spent For Skill Drills Is Limited…

When You Don’t Know How You Are Going To Cover

Every Individual Skill That Needs Practice Time…

Your Solution Could Be To Use Station Drills

It worked for me in 1973 and has been part of my daily routine ever since.

The JV team practiced right after school. The varsity had one hour and

fifteen minutes to practice before I had to get the players off the floor….

Maybe you find yourself in a similar situation. I just needed more time than

that to accomplish my intention of building a strong program. We needed

to have time every day to work on each player’s fundamental skills.

So, out of necessity, I devised a plan where in 15-20 minutes of practice

time we could cover all the basic individual skills, so we could have the

rest of our practice for teaching the team aspects.

Station Drills bring efficiency of time to your practice sessions. They give

you the ability to cover:

  • Shooting;
  • Passing;
  • Rebounding;
  • Free Throws;
  • Defense;
  • Moving Without The Ball;
  • Moves With The Ball and Finishing;
  • Power Moves.

Since most gyms have six baskets, this should work for most gyms and teams. I use the 2 main baskets for drills that need more room. This book tells you how to set up and teach each of the drills at each station, along with valuable tips for what you can do with your team during another team's practice time.

Don’t Be Hitting Your Head Against The Wall

Trying To Find More Practice Time—


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