How I Shoot Over 96% Free Throws

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How I Shoot

Over    96%

Free Throws

an electronic book

by Ronn Wyckoff

Ronn -
Really an excellent piece of work.  Thank you for including me in it.
"A funny thing.." is a nice touch.  Shooting 98/100 four different ways does provide proof and that is some great shooting on your part. 
I appreciate you proving the point that it is possible to shoot using different methods. My experience is somewhat similar.  Once I discovered the importance of finger placement to the release being used, I immediately went over 90% all four ways.  However, I NEVER shot 98% while switching between releases.  Nice shooting...I enjoyed reading it very much.  You have a lot of good information, which should certainly provide guidance for people who want it.
Thank you again.
Bob Fisher,
Holder of 5 Free Throw World Records 

If you are one of those free throw shooters that is hit and miss...

If you are a coach in need of how to train your players to shoot better...

If you are a parent wanting to help your child become a free throw shooting whiz..


Paltry Free Throw Shooting Taking Place At All Levels Of Competition!!!

For years I have agonized over college and pro players as a group shooting dismal percentages from the line.  I couldn't figure out why, when about 25% of the points scored in a game come from the free throw line, there wasn't more of a concerted effort to improve the shooting of our best players.
Do these percentages indicate that there’s a problem in the way free throws are being taught,
being shot and taken less than seriously?
High School: mid 60’s%
College: 69-71%
Pro: low-mid 70’s%

I wanted to know what I could do to help draw attention to teaching/training methods, but first I figured I needed to teach myself.  My reasoning was that if I could do it at age 67, being out of playing condition and with physical problems limiting my ability to move well, shooting in my barn, in winter conditions that were below freezing - well, young, vibrant, top-of-their game athletes, shooting inside a gym should be able to duplicate my efforts or do even better than me.

“How I Shoot Over 96% Free Throws”, is my response to wanting to help bring attention to this wide-spread dilemma.  In this just released  e-book I detail my own year-long odyssey in becoming a free throw shooting master.  Here, I not only cover what I did to reach free throw shooting mastery, but then go on to offer training tips for both beginners and seasoned players that could enable them to improve their shooting percentages.

I have documented my attempts, frustrations, different shooting methods, practice routine and results. I tell in text and show with photos how I went from being an on-again-off-again free throw shooter to reaching a masters level (over 95%), shooting consistently over 96% every time I step to the line.
To Purchase This Downloadable Book

“How I Shoot Over 96% Free Throws”,  was $11.99,

NOW $7.99