Basketball On A Triangle DVD

"After watching the DVD version of this series, I was amazed at how much I did not know about the game.
I can not tell you how glad I was to see this DVD.
Thanks so much," Earl
"I did get a lot out of your DVD, especially the part on coaching defense. I thought that portion was superb.
Thanks for a DVD well done and well worth the money."
Regards, Jeff 
Coach Mason from Virginia says,
"I could have saved myself hundreds of dollars if I had invested in your instructional set much earlier."

"Basketball On A Triangle"

The Basketball Teaching DVD Every Youth Coach and Player
Needs To Have

Hailed as one of the most detailed basketball teaching videos on the market!!


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This powerful, highly detailed, 4-hour, 2-disc DVD, Basketball On A Triangle: A Higher Level of Coaching and Playing, is a "Virtual Basketball Camp", loaded with basketball drills that will help you successfully overcome ALL your coaching dilemmas!

It was filmed during a 3-day coaching workshop taught by Coach Ronn in Sarasota, FL.

Here's What You'll Get...

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**The Secrets of a "Coach To The Coaches"!**

In my 240-minute COMPLETE blueprint for teaching your players the fundamentals of court play, you'll discover:

In short, I include all the essential tips and strategies for basketball play and basketball coaching that I teach during my coaching workshops or when tutoring individual players or coaches!
But unlike the many coaches who travel to attend my workshops, with my DVDs, YOU can get the benefit of my training all season long, without having to travel!

Here's what some buyers had to say about the DVDs...

"This is a very unique 4 hour, 2 DVD set, with Coach Ronn Wyckoff that is unparalleled in it's basketball knowledge and coverage. Our words can't do this set justice as Coach Wyckoff covers virtually every individual fundamental of the game for beginners through experienced coaches and players. There is something for every level of experience." Webmaster,

"I can honestly say that your DVD set will become one that I will use regularly for reference. I have purchased more than 50 videos in the past year and I could have saved myself hundreds of dollars if I had invested in your instructional set much earlier. I have been searching for a set like yours to cover all aspects of the individual game in great detail. I'm convinced, if I can teach to half the level that you are in your video, I'll help my young players develop into competitive basketball players. You teach it the way that I wish I had been taught, or the way I want to teach, therefore your DVD's are going to be an invaluable resource for me." Coach Mason, Virginia

"I purchased the DVD, Basketball On A Triangle, which is an excellent DVD..."
Frank L.

Hello Coach, "I have been enjoying your awesome well thought out dvd. It really comes across that you do this because you love to teach....  I have told some other coaches about your dvd as well. I will be beginning my first year as assistant freshman girls BB coach." Steven, Calif.

Coach Ronn, "I have been in the business for 30+ years and much of what you teach I teach also.  I especially liked your on-the-ball defense.  We have for years tried different approaches but yours makes the most sense." Frank S.
Clay-Battelle High School,Fairmont, WV

"With your instructional DVD I am already receiving all kind of accolades from organizers, parents, and most importantly from the kids. In few week the improvements have been incredible. Thank you for taking the time and effort to come up with such a valuable tool."  Victor A.

"These tips and the DVD are great! I have a 9 year old just getting serious about basketball and this has helped both of us understand the game better and what the coaches are trying to say and do in practice. Who knows? I might even think I can coach after completing this study! Thanks again."  Pauletta, KY

In just FOUR SHORT HOURS, my time-tested coaching training program will RADICALLY change the way you approach teaching the game.

I guarantee you'll be able to affect an incredible turnaround in your team's basic skill abilities -- and turn even average players into fired-up scoring, rebounding and defensive DYNAMOS!

You'll discover POWERFUL basketball drills and strategies like...

AND MUCH, MUCH MORE...It doesn't matter what level you're coaching at, or how long you've been at it -- ANYONE can learn from my coaching training program!

I've got everything the "newbies" need to know... AND something for the old hands!

And because you're watching me teach my top strategies on video, you've got the best court-side seat in the house! It's like having me in your office or living room, leading you through all the skills and drills PERSONALLY.

But -- unlike a weekend spent at a workshop or training camp -- with my DVD, you can stop the teaching drills, rewind them, and replay parts again and again to take notes or practice along.

It will take you less than an AFTERNOON to learn EVERYTHING you need to know to get started -- or to get your team back on their feet.

And when you consider what it would cost to bring in an EXPERT to turn your team around or get your coaching staff "up to speed"...Think about it:

You can spend your time worrying about how to teach the right thing, the right way and in the right sequence... You can spend lots of money on a variety of teaching aids...

You can spend even MORE money on a plane ticket and hotel and travel to a coaching workshop halfway around the country...

OR you can get the EXACT SAME benefits from
my 4-hour DVD set
for a mere $39.95!


That's right... 3 days of filming, hundreds of hours in the studio to make this powerful 4 hour teaching DVD, and I'm charging just a fraction of what this product is actually worth.

I want to reach the coaches and players who need the help I can provide. I'm doing this for the GAME.

Like I said before, when all players are able to perform at a higher level, it's the game of basketball that benefits. And I'm sure that's something we ALL want to see.

So how do we make that happen?

By getting back to the basics. I say to every coach, player or player's parent I meet:



Basketball On A Triangle
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Basketball Pictures

As a child, we learn to crawl before we walk, and to walk before we run. And when we stumble, we need to go back and keep practicing what we learned in the early stages -- so we can make sure we don't stumble again!

Stop the stumbling! I'm so confident about the POWER of this Virtual Workshop to teach you how to bring basketball basics to your players that I'm willing to stake my own good name on it! I'm going to offer you a SPECIAL guarantee...

***Give me 90 Days...***

If "Basketball On A Triangle" doesn't DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE
your players' performances
in just 3 months...




That's just how POWERFUL these strategies are.

I simply wouldn't offer this guarantee if I didn't believe my basics for basketball coaching could INSTANTLY improve any player's performance -- from the kids right up to the pros -- in the space of a single afternoon.

But that's not all I want to offer you today...When you purchase my Basketball On A Triangle "Virtual Basketball Camp", in disc form, you'll also receive TWO HUGE BONUSES contained within the DVD. Just follow the directions to be able to read these PDFs.

Bonus #1


Youth Basketball:

"Begin At The Beginning"

The absolute NEED-TO-KNOW combination of skills that teach balance and control, teaching your players how to keep their bodies under control at all times!(This 10-page guide, with diagrams and photos, is a $19 value, yours free!)

During my 50-year career, I have noted that all great athletes share the common denominator of good body balance and body control. Every active part of the game requires a player to have good balance and body control.

I wanted to bring this same control to less gifted players so they could compete with the better athletes--I wanted to give average players the "superstar" skills that could make them equal to or even take them above the rest of their competition.

I found that these skills could be taught!

So, I start with the most basic fundamental--the stance--and progress through building blocks. Each new move, skill, drill builds on what was learned before, with each succeeding drill being more advanced than the preceeding ones.
I teach you how to drill each part separately to perfection, then how to put the parts together in my balance and control sequence drill.

Now, I'm going to give you these insider moves -- the tips that will INSTANTLY create players who can compete -- that I ONLY ever teach at my one-on-one private coaching sessions.

Others have paid hundreds of dollars to get access to these strategies -- but they're yours free, just for joining my virtual camp!


Bonus #2


The Zen of Basketball Coaching:

"Live A 'Three-Point' Life"

How lessons from the court can help you to be the best you can be!

Learn How To Think and ACT Like a "Gold-Medal Coach" --and build a team of winners with the motivational secrets ONLY successful teachers know and use!

This eBook integrates the aspects of Body (conditioning), Mind (discipline) and Spirit (will), giving Truth to the coaching adage: "The will to win is not nearly as important as the will to prepare to win".

(This inspirational eBook is a $27 value... but you won't pay a penny!)

Ever wonder what makes winners WINNERS?

How do they get the mental and spiritual stamina that keeps them going LONG after the final buzzer has sounded?

There's something SPECIAL about how winners see the world.

If you know how to keep winning when all the odds are stacked against you on the court, you can bring that passion into your everyday life and make almost ANYTHING happen...

And I'd love to help you do it.

Why are you settling for HOURS of frustration on the court, instead of having well-trained and confident players and successful seasons?

Don't wait to take advantage of 50 YEARS of EXPERT level basketball know-how. Claim your spot in my Virtual Basketball Camp and take your coaching to a higher level TODAY!

Get your team back in the game right now -- and never miss another slam-dunk opportunity by skipping the basics.

Yours in sportsmanship,

Coach Ronn Wyckoff

P.S.If you want to GUARANTEE your player will perform better this year, don't wait to put my basics for coaching youth basketball to work for your team right away!


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