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"Coach Ronn, I have been in the business for 30+ years and much of what you teach I teach also. I especially liked your on-the-ball defense. We have for years tried different approaches but yours makes the most sense."
Frank Skubis, Clay-Battelle High School

Discover the PROVEN Formula That
Can Skyrocket Your Youth Basketball Coaching
Success With These

"Time-Tested" Basketball Drills
for How To Play Basketball

"Coach to the Coaches" with 50+ years' experience as a player and coach spills his long-held secret basketball coaching tips for teaching success -- so you can make them work for YOUR team!

Here Are Things You Can Use To Improve Your Coaching Skills:


Hailed as one of the most detailed basketball teaching videos on the market!!


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Filmed during a 3-day coaching workshop taught by Coach Ronn in Sarasota, FL, this 4-hour, 2-disc DVD, Basketball On A Triangle: A Higher Level of Coaching and Playing, is a "Virtual Basketball Camp" that will help you successfully overcome ALL your playing dilemmas!

Here's What You'll Get...

  • 4 hours of jam-packed "how to" information compiled on a 2-disc DVD set (now also delivered in streaming video);
    Ways to better understand the game, to increase basketball coaching knowledge or improve a player's basketball skills;
  • Details delivered with razor-like precision in order to learn how to play basketball;
  • As a player, you'll learn how to improve your individual skills and play better basketball that will take your game to a higher level;
  • Revealing, fresh insights into the world of coaching basketball and playing basketball, where every individual fundamental skill is covered;
  • As a parent of a young player, you will learn the basics and have the words and drills to help your child to correctly learn how to play basketball;
  • Straight talking and targeted step-by-step methods for teaching;
  • As a coach, you will learn a barrage of methods to efficiently teach basketball fundamentals and position specific skills. You will learn what to teach, how to teach it, and when to teach it.


With the 2 FREE e-Books


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Here is a unique opportunity to have your own personal mentor design a skill building plan just for you. Particularly valuable for an inexperienced player, you are able to ask questions and work on strategies for learning basic basketball skills that are specific for your own personal situations. Coach Ronn has helped dozens of coaches and hundreds of boys, girls, men and women in the U.S. and overseas, to take their skills to higher levels. (The last two players he worked with both got college basketball scholarships!)

My one-on-one basketball coaches mentoring program gives you the question-and-answer time, on an individual basis, you may have long thought would have been valuable in understanding certain aspects of the information you heard, read or viewed.

But it's much more than just question-and-answer. Here's what you can expect:

  • We will talk on the telephone for up to an hour at a time;
  • We will use email correspondence;
  • Via email, I will furnish resources, along with diagrams and pictures of teaching drills, to support what we discuss.
  • When you order blocks of time, you will receive discounts on the DVD and e-Books
  • The online, 1-on-1 Coaching, sessions are available in 1-hour time blocks.

    Sessions may be purchased in any number of 1-hour time blocks.

    Depending on the focus of your session(s), purchase of the 4-hr. teaching DVD may be necessary. OR, one or more of the individual e-Books may be needed. These are like our classroom textbooks. The e-Books were written to support the DVD. These are individual texts, complete with pictures and diagrams, which accompany each of the ten chapters in the DVD.

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    Coach Ronn's personal coaching history and all the things he teaches are now available in a variety of e-Books. Most of the books parallel the chapters in the DVD, so a person could watch the DVD and have the text, complete with diagrams and pictures, to go along with it. Every aspect of teaching/playing the fundamentals of the game is covered in great detail.

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    Non-DVD Titles

    Basketball On A Triangle: A Higher Level of Coaching and Playing
    Top Basketball Coaching Tips
    The Zen of Basketball Coaching: Living A 3-Point Life

    DVD-Related Titles
    Explaining The Game/Team Interplay in Basketball (DVD Chapter 1)
    Teaching Balance and Control in Basketball (DVD Chapter 2)
    Teaching Passing in Basketball (DVD Chapter 3)
    Teaching Dribbling in Basketball (DVD Chapter 4)
    Teaching Shooting in Basketball (DVD Chapter 5)
    Teaching Rebounding in Basketball
    (DVD Chapter 6)

    Teaching Movement Without The Ball: "Homework" (DVD Chapter 7)
    Teaching Moves With The Ball (DVD Chapter 8)
    Teaching Individual Defense (DVD Chapter 9)
    Teaching Position Specific Skills (DVD Chapter 10)

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     From: Coach Ronn Wyckoff
    Thursday, 8:46 pm

    Dear Aspiring Teaching-Coaches:
    You could spend years trying to discover the EXACT strategies and skills you need for coaching girls basketball or coaching boys basketball and to make sure every single player is performing at the peak of his or her ability.

    ...And, you have to hit on the right communication strategy that works for each player, to make sure your message gets across.

    It doesn't matter if you've been coaching for 10 MINUTES or 30 YEARS.

    Would you like to have a teaching system that will turn your youth basketball team into a winning machine?

    Ever tried to motivate a team after a big loss? Especially when you don't know WHY you lost?

    NOTHING burns a coach out faster than having a great team full of deserving kids -- who just can't seem to "crack the code" to a winning season.

    Does any of this sound familiar?

    If you would like solutions for these or other coaching dilemmas, then READ ON!

    This will be the most important letter about Youth Basketball Coaching you’ll ever read!!


    The reality is, when it comes to putting together a winning youth basketball team, it's just not enough to know the game. You have to know how to TEACH it. That means knowing the EXACT drills to teach every single one of your players to enable them to perform at their personal best -- both individually AND as a team.

    And it ALSO means knowing the right words to motivate them... the right game situations to teach them... and the right visual tools to help them see what you mean

    It's not enough to have a team of talented players if they don't know how to play together as a cohesive unit.

    Without a proven coaching technique that teaches strong skill development, you could be in for a lot of disappointment!

    But even when you know what skills you need to work on, it's not always easy to know the basketball coaching tips you’ll need to master these skills..

    Believe me, I know EXACTLY what that's like... I've been there and seen that, in my 50+ year career of playing and coaching basketball!

    My name is Ronn Wyckoff (though everyone just calls me "Coach Ronn") and over the course of my long coaching career, I've encountered every kind of coaching dilemma possible:

    Players who just can't seem to come together as a team... Players that grasp offense okay but don't understand basketball defense ... Players who are athletic but who have weak basketball fundamentals... Hotshots with great all-around skills but SERIOUSLY bad attitudes...Players with street skills but who can't play within a team structure.

    I've had to deal with them ALL.

    But -- fortunately -- early on in my coaching career I realized that there are three main elements to the game of basketball that ALL players need to master in order to achieve a peak performance on the court. I'm talking about...

    • Fundamentals
    • Defense
    • Discipline

    If you -- both individually AND as a team member -- don't work hard on each of these three elements, then any success you’ll see on the court is going to be the result of LUCK, pure and simple.

    In fact, these three elements form the basis of the basketball coaching system I've developed during the four-plus decades I've been coaching. I call it "Basketball On A Triangle", because of its "triangular" foundation--Discipline at the base and Defense and Fundamentals forming the sides.

    As a coach, I have got to pay attention to EACH of these three elements -- fundamentals, defense, and discipline – and if you want to optimize your performance on the court, so do you.

    Coach Ronn at work

    The fact is, I know my coaching training program actually WORKS:

    I've been coaching basketball for over 40 years -- from city rec leagues, to high school, to international teams and to heading up four National teams.

    I've taught basketball in a dozen countries overseas.

    I frequently get called in as a consultant to "coach the coaches" -- both in the U.S. and abroad -- I liken myself to a mechanic, getting under the hood of the team and figuring out what's working -- and what needs a tune-up!

    I founded the successful "Coach Ronn's International Basketball School" in Sarasota, FL in response to the specific needs of coaches who wanted to learn how to teach the most IMPORTANT basketball basics and for boys and girls who wanted to play at the college level.

    As an amateur and semi-professional basketball player, I averaged over 22 points per game (before the advent of the 3-point line) in my 15-year playing career, both in the US and overseas.

    floor_balance_triangle.jpg circle.jpg
    Here are some testimonials about my teaching...

    "Our daughter, Samantha, is going on to play college basketball. We firmly believe it's because of Coach Ronn, and all the skills and life lessons he has taught her."

    -- Janet and Jim Moore, Sarasota, Florida

    "Mr. Wyckoff's work has helped to better our national standard of play..."

    -- The Norwegian Basketball Association

    "Ronn Wyckoff is definitely a master teacher of defensive techniques..."

    Commendation from The Kodak Women's Nat'l. Basketball Coaches Clinic

    As a player, once you discover the basketball coaching tips that coaches use to get top-level performances out of their players, you never want to stop using that knowledge to make yourself a BETTER PLAYER.

    That's why I started my school -- because I saw my techniques creating an IMMEDIATE difference in the success of youth basketball players, coaches and teams, and I wanted others to experience this same success.

    But unfortunately, not everyone can afford a trip to Florida to work with me or to pay for me to come to them.

    That's why I've developed some solutions that are readily available for ALL coaches, no matter where they live -- or what level they're coaching at. In addition to the monthly articles, appearing in Spiritual Hoops, listed in the Navigation Bar on my HOME page, the following tools for better coaching are available:



    Hailed as one of the most detailed basketball teaching videos on the market!!

    To read more about this highly rated DVD 





    Here is a unique opportunity to have your own personal mentor
    design a skill building plan just for you.

    To read more about the Coaches Mentoring Program




    Most of the books parallel the chapters in the DVD, so a person could watch the DVD and have the text, complete with diagrams and pictures, to go along with it.

    To read more about the selection of E-Books available


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