Basketball On A Triangle: A Higher Level of Coaching and Playing (E-Book)

I have your DVD's and they are great!!! I wanted to know when the book comes out. I definitely want to purchase it.
Thank You, Bobby B
Well, here it is, Bobby!

The long awaited book is available for download now--

Basketball on a Triangle Book

By Coach Ronn Wyckoff
This is the book that launched the highly popular DVD
 by the same name.

Buy the book: was $27.99

NOW $17.99!


About the Book and DVD

The book came first. (See: The Book That Made The DVD ) The DVD (See: DVD) was created to complement the book, giving readers the best of both worlds -- the text (with hundreds of diagrams and photos) and the visual companion showing me, Coach Ronn, teaching everything I write about during a live coaching workshop.

While I was searching for a publisher, I began marketing the DVD through my website. From the success of DVD sales, 25 other products have been created to help coaches and players around the world learn how to teach and perform the basic fundamentals necessary for successful play.

Here's the Press Release in advance of releasing the book worldwide via the internet.

Coaching Youth Basketball -- Basketball On A Triangle: A Higher Level of Coaching and Playing

The author doesn't just fill pages with theory and drills. He has provided 300 pages chock full of usable content that break down every aspect of the individual game and demonstrate with text, diagrams and photos how to teach or practice the basic fundamentals of the game.

24/7 Press Release/ - Dec. 8th, 2007 - Coach Ronn Wyckoff has just published the most innovative basketball book for youth coaches and players on the market. If the DVD sales from this book are any indicator, "Basketball On A Triangle: A Higher Level Of Coaching and Playing", is going to be a major player in the "how to coach basketball" and "how to play basketball" niches.

He begins by chronicling his own rise from beginning coach to how he became a teaching coach to players and other coaches around the world. Along the way, he discusses changing teaching paradigms to include Zen/Spiritual approaches to many of the problems facing youth sports today. He discusses how to be a supportive parent, making 'right' choices, and what it takes to become a teaching-coach, rather than one who just moves players around like chess pieces.

In the "how to..." section of his book, Coach Ronn walks a coach, player or parent through the beginning game, from explaining the floor markings, to how the game is played, to how to stand and move. The veteran author always keeps it simple, using the plateau method of teaching. He goes from the most basic introduction of skills, overlaying new usages of skills previously taught, until he has reached the more sophisticated position specific offensive and defensive skills necessary to playing the game well.

Teaching-coaches, and players at any level, will find here the appropriate words and directives, along with specific drills, to teach and enhance whatever skill is being covered.

Before the book was released, Coach Ronn produced and released a 4-hour teaching DVD and Streaming Video version of all the aspects he teaches in the "how to..." section of his book. The DVD/Video has had tremendous worldwide sales, making this combination of teaching tools unique among youth basketball coaching authors.

With his more than fifty years in basketball, first as a player, then as a coach, and later as an international consultant and national team coach in four countries, Coach Ronn brings a rich and varied expertise to his writing. He weaves anecdotes about his own life and coaching experiences in with suggestions on how to take one's game to a higher level—skill wise and spiritually. Everything the author brings forth in his book is straightforward and simple, all the time relating to how to find a higher purpose for our lives and bring it into working with youth.